Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners : METAL TEXT EFFECTS

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1. Open your text in Adobe Photoshop that you want to give “METAL EFFECT”. 2. Press CTRL button and click the layer. 3. Go to “SELECT MENU” and “SAVE SELECTION” without any change. 4. Now deselect the text by pressing “CTRL+D”. 5. Delete the text layer. 6. Go to “Channel” and select “Alpha 1” 7. Go to “Filter” menu and select “Gaussian Blur”. 8. Go to “Layer” and click “Background”. 9. Go to “Filter>Render>Lighting effects”. Keep “texture channel” as alpha 1. 10. Press “CTRL +A” . Then “shift+Ctrl+j” Now your text layer will be away from background layer. 11. Go to “select>Load selection> and select channel name “Alpha 1” from the pop up window. 12. Select>modify>expand (Input 3). 13. Select>Inverse>click delete button 14. Ctrl +d for deselect 15. Menu Bar>Layer>drop shadow


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