How to add “Group Policy” in your system?

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1. download the files here.

2. extract the files on your computer. You should see 2 folders in it. 1 folder is named gpedit files and the other is GroupPolicy.

3. Copy this and paste on Run %SystemRoot%\system32 or you can navigate to c: >> windows >> system 32 with this oath on the address bar C:\WINDOWS\system32.

4. Copy the files inside gpedit files folder and paste in on system32 folder.

5. Copy the GroupPolicy folder and paste it on system32 folder

6. Go to run and type CMD or open the command prompt

7. Enter the following commands on the command prompt one by one:

regsvr32 gpedit.dll
regsvr32 fde.dll
regsvr32 gptext.dll
regsvr32 appmgr.dll
regsvr32 fdeploy.dll

8. Now go to run and type gpedit.msc, you can now set the policy on your windows.


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